executing business idea

Do you struggle with executing your business idea?

If it were easy – everyone would do it.

Most great business ideas will never see the light of day because people don’t have the money, courage, time, or resources to take action. Many of those brave enough to pursue their dream business spend their precious time and money doing something that will never happen when they start unprepared.

I know from my own experience and many other entrepreneurs that transforming an idea into a product or service is never easy. This is a tremendous task for everyone, no matter what resources and funds you have in your hands at the beginning.

If you have very limited funds or no funds at all to start your dream business, it could mean a lonely journey. At first, no one will understand what your vision is about and only a few people will believe in it. 

You are more likely to be your very own cheerleader and need to build strong self-confidence to deal with your decisions. Most people at the beginning, are too anxious to get the results they want and thus start making bad decisions regularly.

Here are five main points that successfully turn a great idea into reality.

Focus On Passion

Success requires a quick transfer of passion from idea to business implementation. It’s hard to go through the entrepreneur journey on your own if you are not passionate about what you are doing. More likely you will quit soon after you meet the first roadblocks. 

When you incorporate your passion into everything you do, it makes you become unstoppable in pursuit of your dream business. In other words, you must follow in love with the process. Be passionate and ready to accept and welcome all difficulties.

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Build Your Confidence

High performers, well-paid athletes, and successful business owners all have one thing in common: confidence. 

Whenever you are doing well, it makes you become so confident that you only expect success when taking the next shot. This builds your confidence and drives success which requires preparation, discipline and daily execution to deliver results.

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Planning brings confidence and clarity. You must develop a plan and break it down to yearly and quarterly priorities. This will allow you to split your goals into monthly, weekly and daily activities which will help you make small steps towards your big goal.

There is no one formula for planning which will fit everyone. Some people are very details oriented, and some don’t pay so much attention to details, and that’s also fine. 

Each of us is motivated by different factors. Whatever drives you to move forward, whatever are your strengths, weaknesses and motivators develop your plan around them.

Daily Execution

You may have the greatest vision for your future, but nothing will happen if you don’t focus on work which you need to do today. This means that plans and strategies are the core element of moving forward but you will not see any progress until you start executing daily activities. 

Start the week off by making sure you know what the priorities for that week are. Be clear about what you will achieve each day.


It takes perseverance to execute your business idea

You cannot replace hard work. This is what distinguishes the best from the rest of humanity. This doesn’t mean it’s hard work for the sake of hard work, it means you have to target it productively.

Overnight success usually occurs at the end of a long process. So, until that success comes, you can only count on continuous perseverance.

Jim Rohn says:

“It might be every Sunday night, 20 minutes each morning or at lunch before bed. It might be in the car listening to CDs every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Whatever it is, set the times and do it. In your step-by-step plan, put down points that you can accomplish every week. They should be specific and achievable. Develop the discipline and take those steps every day, which will move you closer to your goals.”

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Take notes

One of the most powerful ways I ever knew to calm your mind and move away from the messy creation process into an organized business is to write it down. 

I don’t trust my mind. Most of my important thoughts go straight on paper. I write ideas, inspirations, dreams, ambitions, things that others do and that interest me, stressors, disappointments, achievements and rewards. If you see something that might be useful later, write it down. You will have all your dreams and ideas in one place for your future reflections.

Most of the time, the difference between successful people and unsuccessful is that the successful take action, they simply do it. The secret to success is making it happen. It doesn’t matter how perfect your plan is. Start and trust you will figure it out along the way.


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