Athlete Entrepreneur

Being an athlete is not only about training, races and competing. It’s a lifestyle! It’s all about the mindset we adopt and the choices we make. 

How we present ourselves to the world, who we make friends with, what we eat, how we spend our time and what we ware. 

All of this helps us shape our personality and character. Not only as a sports person but in all aspects of our lives. Why? Because through practicing competitive sport we build strong mindset.

As an athlete or entrepreneur, we all want to operate at the highest possible level and stand out in our fields.

From being able laser-focused on the task at hand to an unwavering dedication to what we do, athletes and entrepreneurs have a wealth of the same skills, many of which give us a competitive advantage.

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Here’s how to translate the successes of our sports into entrepreneurial ventures. These 5 lessons will help you achieve whatever you set yourself.

1. Goals setting. Knowing exactly what you want

Sport is all about goals. You need them to perform and improve. Goals are the reason why we are pushing ourselves. 

As an athlete, we know that nothing will be given to us. If you want results, you have to put a lot of work into preparing to achieve your goals. Complete or win the race, brake new record or bring that medal home.

We may keep our eyes focused far away on a long term goal, but we know that to achieve this we must be deeply grounded in what we must doing now to achieve success in the further. 

It’s all about setting small goals and improving your performance. Only by pushing your limits to achieve each of your mini-goal, complete small races, consistent everyday work we can achieve success as an athlete and entrepreneur.

2. We are not afraid of failure

Bouncing off losses is part of every game. As an athlete, we know that sometimes we win and sometimes we lose. It’s not victory that teaches us how to be resilient. It’s a failure.

In the eyes of an athlete, there are three defined factors for resilience in sports. A study titled ‘Resilience Scale for Athletes’ provides a factor analysis after interviewing a number of athletes during training. These are; self-determination, physical toughness, and emotional control & maturity. All of which support the development of resilience.

Losses or breakdowns often provided positive fuel and open up new opportunities for exploration.

One thing we learn from losers is that it is worthless to point the finger or blame others for our loss. We know we must examine our results, analyze and see our failures and mistakes as an opportunity for improvement.

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3. Competition is a healthy motivator

Competition may not motivate everyone, but I have found that the pressure of others to excel can be the stimulus needed to keep improving. 

Some people believe that success happens to other people. As an athlete you expect it from yourself. If you can find the right balance between goal orientation and liking in another athlete, then this is a magical combination.

Athletes are self-motivated, we want to win. We know how to help each other achieve a common goal.

Competition, its important to the success of your team and organization, and sport teaches us how to have fun while competing. How to win gracefully and how to lose with honor.

4. We overcome obstacles

Whether you’re struggling with an ugly injury or have aggressive development goals, we learn how to never hesitate when it comes to overcoming obstacles. 

Being a successful athlete or entrepreneur requires persistent work every day. Small wins make big wins.

In athletics, time limits let you know where you stand so you can decide when to stop holding back and go all in.

There is no time clock in entrepreneurship. If you don’t set a time frame for yourself, things will start to seem insurmountable when you encounter the inevitable obstacles or challenges. 

When you get into a routine, you need to set smaller steps and smaller goals that will allow you to aim for a bigger win.

In both athletics and entrepreneurship, you have to push yourself hard no matter what. The beauty is triumph!

5. Last but not least: Patience is a virtue

Patience is a hallmark of sport and life.

Thomas Edison, renowned for inventing the light bulb in 1879 said, “Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up”.

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Many people often overestimate what we can do in a year and underestimate what we can achieve in a decade. 

Athletes understand that each step is part of the whole and that the goals are to move forward, but the process is for the appreciation of life.

At the end of the day, when you get knocked down, what needs to be done than get up and try again with all your strength. Better perspective and experience should get you even closer to the desired result.

We learn patience with your teammates, life obstacles, goals, failures and most importantly yourself. For most things in life, the satisfying and deserving things take time – a process of growth, failure, and ultimately satisfying outcomes.